Marianne (Up All Night Lillith) – Doll Review

Ok… I’m actually writing a second doll review. I’m not sure I actually believe I am doing this.  Being shy, it’s always hard to sit here and actually expose my thoughts like this. That’s why even though I am here typing it all still feels a bit surreal. I hope this sensation will vanish with practice. I had every intention of writing my review on Take Me On Vanessa, but a lot happened between then and now, and I also felt bad that both my first doll reviews were going to be sad. So I didn’t. But this one is all about joy!  I will write a separate post about Vanessa, but I don’t wanna carry any of that into this post.

So, here we go: Up All Night Lillith is a Workshop doll from the 2015 Cinematic Convention by Integrity Toys. Maybe I should say she’s THE workshop doll from that event. She is certainly one of the most coveted dolls from the 2015 Convention. I must say I’ve loved her from the start. I really liked the dolls from Cinematic, but she was the one I knew from the start I would bring home when I could. Here she is now, as a Christmas gift from my grandad, which is one of the reasons that make me love her even more.

She didn’t come with a COA, but her edition size is of 450 dolls according to the W Club info we received at the time. Here are her promo shoots:

Images by Integrity Toys. All Rights Reserved.
Images by Integrity Toys. All Rights Reserved.

She comes with simple but beautiful accessories, as you can see in the accessories’ promo shot here:

Image by Integrity Toys Inc. All Rights Reserved.


The thing with Convention Dolls is that we usually see the real doll first and the promo shoots later, so the long suspense about whether that doll you pre-ordered will or won’t be like the promos doesn’t exist. I knew I wanted her the minute I saw the first pictures of her! Unfortunately at that time I had no doll budget whatsoever. My budget was all towards family issues. But now, grandad was his super adorable self and gave her to me for Christmas! It’s the kind of thing that really gives me that childhood nostalgia. It took a great deal of effort to keep her boxed until the weekend, when I had time to photograph her. But oh it was worth it.

Her box was a simple plain black box with the Nu Face logo in black and it had a Cinematic Convention paper ribbon attached around the box. I took some shots but they looked flat and lifeless… Maybe it’s because I had this beauty right beside the box while I was shooting it…


Now, isn’t she a concentration breaker?  Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


I gave up on the box, obviously. It was a lost fight from the beginning. But I managed to be very thorough in my photos of her. She was sold to me as NRFB, and everything was perfectly placed inside the box. The seller was very accurate in her pictures and description, and to me my pictures feel almost like a repetition of the announcement in a way, but I want to show you that everything came as it was supposed to be and thank the seller while I’m at it!


Here she is in all her glory. There’s a closer view of all her accessories too. Jewelry, extra hands and peep toes. All photos by me. All rights reserved.


I decided to name her Marianne after one of my best friends in and out of the doll world. She is an amazing person, has a huge talent for drawing, painting and writing, and I’m a big fan of all her artistic creations! This Lillith personifies all the good feelings I have about Marianne and our friendship so well! There was no other name I could give her!

But back to the doll review itself: I deboxed her very carefully. Her joints were all perfect. Not soft in any way. She could stand on her own on the doll stand easily, and I took that as a chance to photograph something I feel was quiet thoughtful and well done on IT’s part: encasing her hands in plastic wraps to prevent them from staining due to the contact with the black fabrics of her outfit.


Way to go, IT! Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


Her stand has the Cinematic Convention logo in it, and her jewelry is simple but very beautiful:


Photos by me. All Rights Reserved.


Then I removed the plastic from her hands and decided it was high time I tested the jewelry. That was when I had my first (and only) scare. I wasn’t aware her earrings were actually two separate parts, and when I held it by the pendant the base fell and almost disappeared between the floorboards of my room. I was able to retrieve it though, and then I took a picture of it just in case it serves to let other people know beforehand.


The base and pendant are separate parts. Careful when you handle them, people! Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


After that, I tried her earrings on. As usual with IT dolls, one of the ears was harder to pierce, and the holes were uneven.


It’s boring, but easily solved. Photos by me. All Rights Reserved.


Nothing that isn’t easy to solve. It’s just a matter of marking the correct place, heating up her head a bit getting a pin, and piercing her ear. But I’ve only done that after I’ve taken all the photos, so there aren’t photos of her with both earrings on in this review. I’ll be more thorough for the next one, but I was so anxious to redress her that I couldn’t wait!


UPDATE: As of today, December 19th, some two weeks after I actually started this review, I still haven’t warmed her ear and pierced it. This is what my dolls say about me when I close the doors of the studio.  I’m sure of it.


I’m a bad doll owner. I know.


But before I redressed her, I took some more detailed pictures of her with her outfit. I love her skirt. It’s delicate and has movement all the same. It’s very well made too. Though I like the blouse too, I have some problems with it. Putting aside the fact that I can barely touch organza (because that’s a personal issue only), there are some details that could have been better done. There is some extra cloth remaining from the sewing allowances that wouldn’t show if the fabric wasn’t so sheer, but since it is, it shows. You can see that in the shoulders and especially in the wrists.


See the uneven black “stripe”? That’s seam allowance excess. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


The wrists speak for themselves. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


It’s even easier to see the seam allowances in the wrists, and there’s something else about them that bothers me a bit. If  IT went through all the work of making an opening and a cuff, why sewing it shut in the end instead of adding a hook and keeping it functional? Oh well…

That being said, her outfit looks edgy and beautiful. I really like it.


Showing off her ring. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


Ring close up. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


And now an intermission. When I decided to remove the stand from the scene and pose her on her own… This happened.



“Why don’t you review me instead, huh?”. Twill being her usual shy self. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


For the next 15 minutes I had a different star under my camera. Twill crashed the review diorama, and nothing in the world could get her out of there. She inspected every corner of it until she was thoroughly satisfied, and then flew back to my shoulder when she was done. There are plenty of photos of her doing the exact same thing on my Facebook page if you guys want to see it! There’s a link to the album on the photo.


Once my diva was done I could get back to the review. I took some more pictures of Lillith on her original outfit without the stand for the record. I rarely dress any doll in her original clothes again after I undress them, so it’s good to remember who came with what on the long run.


Isn’t she a stunner? Photos by me. All Rights Reserved.


And on to the funniest part: redressing! Lillith’s neutral make up palette make her one of the most versatile dolls I have. I love dolls with neutral make up exactly because of that. I tried many different styles on her and here are some of my favorites:


The “Gucci Geek”. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


First one was what I called the”Gucci Geek”, inspired by Alessandro Michele’s daring kitsch style. She’s wearing culottes by KoTori, jeans shirt and sweater from the Teen Spirit Color Infusion outfit from the Supermodel Convention (sold out at IT direct shop.) and boots from the 2012 W Club Exclusive “Out Sass” Vanessa Perrin doll by IT. I bought her glasses at a street fair one block from my home.


The “Preppy Rockr”. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


Next up is the “Preppy Rockr”. There’s a lot of Moschino here, a lot of 90’s and I had a lot of fun assembling this one. The fur vest is from the “Lord Of The Nazgul” outfit by KoTori, the embroidered shirt is by Jiajiadoll, on Etsy, and the skirt and boots are from the same Color Infusion Teen Spirit outfit from the previous look.


The “Indie Rock Festival Girl”. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


The third one is the “Indie Rock Festival Girl”, which is sort of what I imagine the real Marianne might wear while attending a summer rock festival. The plaid shirt is from the “Dernhelm” outfit by KoTori (Sold out), the top and jumpsuit are both from Mattel, one from a “Life in the Dreamhouse” fashion set and the other from a recent “Petite” Fashionista, the bag is also from KoTori (available on custom order), and the boots are from an older IT Nu Face outfit.



“Plush Poison’. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


Last but not least is the one I called “Plush Poison”. I used again our “Lord Of The Nazgul” vest because I can’t get enough of it, and mixed it with a Clear Lan dress (sold out), “Lost Angel” Colette’s choker and “Wild Wolf” Kumi’s boots.


I had many more redressings in mind for her, but I ran out of time to take pictures and I still didn’t have time to pick her up again as I said. I had planned to take more pictures for the review, but considering how many days have passed since, I feel that if I don’t publish this review now, I might never do it. So, here it is. Up All Night Lillith is, in my opinion, the best doll from 2015 by Integrity Toys. Her neutral palette is easy to match with many different styles, her hairdo is a classic hit with the “Twins” facemold, she is gorgeous from many angles and gives off completely different sensations depending on the outfit and angle of the camera. I had some angle limitations due to the size of the walls I was using, which is something I have corrected since taking these, but there was no time as I said, to pick up the camera again. I might do it soon for a “Twins” photoshoot though! I really feel like doing it!


I wish you all super Happy Holidays for those who celebrate it!






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