Kind_ Pegasus95, Or The Curious Case Of The One-Pocketed Shorts – Doll Review.

Third time is the charm, as they say. I certainly don’t feel as shy as before sitting here to type. The ideas are easier to flow as well. And, this review was made in less than two days! I’ve received my MLP Kind_Pegasus doll the day before yesterday, and since the Post Office was crowded I left it at dusk. But since there was still light, I took advantage of it to take the “bureocratic” pictures before nightfall. So, yesterday I was left with only deboxing fun and games and writing! Darwin immediately came to mind.

I even made a meme! That’s what I call free time!


Feel free to use the meme if you like it guys. Theoretical copyright goes to Darwin anyway. I merely followed his theory and adapted it. Well, on to the doll in question because I think the title of this review might cause a frown like the one I had when I took a good look at Kind Pegasus’ shorts.


Kind_Pegasus95 is a 2016 doll by Integrity Toys. She belongs to the ❤ MLP Line designed by Jessy Ayala. She comes on a “The Industry” body type and has Erin’s 1.0 sculpt. She was shown during the August 2016 Online Unveiling Event by for W Club Members, and was an IT Direct doll, which means she was sold via Integrity Toys Shop, and not through doll dealers. She was offered starting December 12th for W Club members and December 13th for the general public. So far she’s the only doll from this line that is sold out.


Photos by Integrity Toys. All Rights Reserved.


She also comes with the nicest jewelry in the collection in my opinion. I just wish she had a bag too, like the others do. Here’s the promo picture of her jewelry:


Photo by Integrity Toys. All Rights Reserved.


When she was finally released I ran to the website and bought mine, and I’ve been waiting anxiously for her arrival ever since. Holidays make the Postal Service go nuts, so it took a while, but she finally arrived yesterday. As I said, I immediately jumped into doing the “bureocratic” part like photographing her box and the like.

Let me just say that I’m not a die hard fan of MLP in any way. Yes, there was a cartoon when I was little, but I’ve never even watched it. Yes, I had two ponies when I was about 4 years old, but they are long gone since then. I bought this doll because I feel she’s the kind of model I wanted but didn’t have around the house.

Well, back to the box itself. It’s an hexagon, and not your typical fashion doll box in any way. It looks more childlike than like an adult collector’s box. The lid has a strap that makes it a carrying case of sorts. It’s quite large because the actual “doll box” fits inside the hexagon at it’s largest point. The lid slides up and out of the lower part and the doll is fully in the box. To view her you have to pull her up. Since the box is quite large and practical I have a mind to paint it black (exept for the letters) and keep it for storage purposes.

Left: One of the faces of the box. Top right: sunset lights the letters. Bottom right: the strap. Photos by me. All Rights Reserved.


Well, I think you guys already know that boxes aren’t my thing, so that’s all I could do about photographing boxes before the urge to get her out overwhelmed me. I pulled her out of her hiding place, and here she is!


At last! Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


See the knot at the top left corner? It’s the strap. The cute square with the pony is where her accessories are stored. Now, did you notice anything a bit strange about her? If you’re thinking of her hair, you’ve got it right. Apparently the Brazillian Customs Office opened the box to check the contents. It’s standard procedure, and I don’t mind it in the least that they do that, but I would love if they were more careful next time.


Thanks for the hairdo Customs Office. A little bit of care might go a long way next time. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


Her face is adorable, her eyes are not wonky in any way and she looks a lot like the promo pictures. Well, her hair, as you can imagine, was a mess when I removed the net. But I didn’t mess around with it much because I like my doll reviews to be as truthful to the moment as possible. I’m not trying to make the doll look perfect at all. I’d rather show you all what I actually saw and got when I opened the box.

On to the accessories, the box slides open, which is standard IT. The accessories were all there and well packed and sealed in their little bags. You’ll see why that’s important very soon. I love her flower ring. Her bracelets are nothing new, but I love stacking them, so they’re always welcome into the house. Her earrings are charming and simple hoops, which is great. I am in a minimalistic mood, so that fits. The flower crown is something I was looking forward to, and I love it, oversized as it is. I also like her boots. I didn’t have any pair in that sandy beige tone, so they are a welcome addition too! Everything looks perfect in the picture, right?


Looks can be deceiving. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


Her doll stand has the logo and the same colors of the box. It comes with two options for the actual stand. A square one and a “half-moon” one.


Kinda cute. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


Well, that’s where the issues start. IT’s doll stands usually look like a screw. To fix the stand to the metal base you gotta twist them in the right direction until they “lock” together. But my stand is smooth, so it’s impossible to do it. Well, no problem. It means we just gotta push them until they “click”, right? Nope. They don’t actually stay in place, and the stand itself turns on the metal base, making the doll pole dance on the stand all the time, and fall too.


My doll’s pole. I mean, stand. Photos by me. All Rights Reserved.


But well, who cares for a doll stand, right? She was perfect, the morning was sunny but not unbearably hot, so let’s move on! My next step was putting her boots on. They came in easily, no complaints at all there! I wonder if they will fit my FR2 ladies. They were a bit loose on her, so they might… Well, boots were on, so it’s time to rock those accessories! First the ring and bracelets. I love rings for myself and my dolls. Hers is really cute!


Lovely, right? Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


But even as I was trying the bracelets and the ring on her, I noticed there was something wrong going on a bit further up. Her top refuses to stay in place. Now, like me, my dolls are feminists and pro “Free The Nipple”, but we all like to choose when to do it, right?


She doesn’t look too pleased about it right now. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


So I pulled the top up and moved on to the earrings. No surprises there. Uneven holes for them. I pierced the best one, and left the other one empty. She goes to that line, right after Marianne.


Bad, bad doll owner. I know… Photos by me. All Rights Reserved.


Well, she came with her choker on and now had all her accessories on her ecxept for the necklace, so I went straight to it’s package, opened it and released the yarn holding it to the cardboard… And this is what I found:


A NRFP broken necklace. Just what I needed. Photos by me. All Rights reserved.


I told you that looks could be deceiving, didn’t I? When I released the yarn, the necklace unfolded, and as it did, the clasp and link simply fell off. I found them and put them on the chair to enhance their contrast with the dark wood and make them easier to photograph. I was beginning to frown by then, but still it was an easy fix. I design and make jewelry after all. I got my pliers and fixed the link and the clasp. There! She had all her accessories on, and she looked gorgeous!


Every bit the festival queen! Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


I love the flowing kimono. It drapes beautifully and makes for very graceful movement too! Just perfect!


I couldn’t resist draping it around the shoulders. So lovely! Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


I won’t flood this post with all the photos I took of that kimono, so let’s move on. I eventually removed the kimono to photograph her in her shorts and top. Her embroidered shorts are very cute. If I was embroidering I might have chosen darker colors than the pastel tones chosen for it, but I love it. I want to try it on my LS Eden when I can. The top… Well, there’s a love/hate thing right there. I like the cut. It’s hot and trendy at the moment. The pony image on it kills the “hot and trendy” for me though. But the biggest problem is that no matter what I did I had to keep pushing it back up after every two or three shots. Or else…


“There and back again”… Sorry Professor Tolkien. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


Let me try to delve deeper into the issue here. Knits are tricky to work with when you’re doing strapless fits for dolls. They will stretch no matter how tight you fasten. But at the same time knits stretch, they’re constantly trying to return to their inert non-stretched selves. It’s physics. So, they tend to slide from the dolls’ breasts and shrink back to normal around their tapered bellies. And in this specific case, lining the knit made it bulkier in all the seams, which makes it even easier for it to slide off. You guys can easily see how bulky the cleavage line looks in the photo above. That bulk keeps the knit from adjusting to the curves of the bust, and keeps it loose, so it slides all the time. Also, according to Jo, velcro is the worst material they could have possibly chosen to close the top. The pressure exerted by the knit on it is too strong and that makes the velcro loose and open. The best options would be snap buttons or hooks.

After a while struggling I got really tired, and then I turned her back to the camera to photograph her lovely butterfly tattoos. They are really cute and they add to her almost fairy like air.


Her tattoos. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


And now, finally, we get to the moment that titled this review. Even as I turned her around and snapped this picture, I noticed the weirdest, curiousest (to borrow from Alice in Wonderland) thing I have ever seen in doll fashion history.


Ladies and Gents, I present you a one-pocketed pair of shorts! Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


I don’t know what to think of it. I don’t know if this is a one time ocurrence and I was the unlucky winner of this marvel, or if everyone’s shorts came like this. As you can see, there is a detailed and very well done pocket on the left side. But since they went through the trouble of making one, why not two? Is it supposed to be like this, as if she had customized her shorts by ripping one pocket out? But if that’s the case, why wasn’t there any indication of it in the description, or any photo of the doll that would show that in advance? The more I think of it, the more I think it’s not meant to be like this. If any of you bought this doll, can you please let me know if your shorts are like this too?



WANTED: one pocket. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.


Maybe I should take this to doll forums and the like before contacting Patient Care. I don’t want to contact them over nothing, or without being sure this is actually an issue. Plus our doll community is very helpful. I will post it and ask for more info. And if you guys ever need any info that I might be able to help you with let me know, ok? I’m shy, but that won’t stop me from lending a hand whenever I can!


Moving on from the first frown of the year to the actual fun part. Time to redress her! Redressings are great because they give us a better idea of the doll’s “moods”… What looks good on her, her different angles and the emotions we can capture in each of them. The right outfit and angle together might give you a completely different doll at each click! I found out that Kind_Pegasus has more to her than I assumed at first, and that made me really happy with her.


I had many outfits picked but I’m limiting myself to four redressings per post. It gives a good idea of each doll’s potential without turning the post into an endless ramble. So, on to the first one. I wanted to keep her jewelry on for it, so I picked pieces that would go with it. This is the result:


Miss Coachella. Photos by me. All Rights Reserved


This is what I expect a little older kind_pegasus would wear for her favorite festivals. It goes nicely with her original jewelry and has the young boho spirit I expected she would have. She looks every bit the detached So-Cal girl on her way to her music and fashion festival doesn’t she? The fur vest is from our “Gimli son of Glóin” outfit (sold out), the delicate lace sweater is from our “Written In The Stars” outfit (available on demand), the shorts are from a playline Barbie. I bleached them and them dyed them yellow and distressed them. Jewelry and boots are her own and the bag is from a “Top Model” Teresa doll by Mattel.


The next one was inspired by those pink streaks and the punkish girl who influenced the pop-rock scene throughout the 2000’s: Avril Lavigne.


I don’t like your girlfriend! Photos by me. All Rights Reserved.


Although I’m more a Nightwish fan than an Avril Lavigne one I was drawn to her style because of the pink strands in her hair. I love the downright mischievous expression on her face, and the equally mischievous Mona Lisa smile in these photos! Her blouse is actually a dress. It’s from a Momoko doll, but I can’t remember which one. Kilt and combat boots are from the “Teen Spirit” CI Fashion from the Supermodel Convention. The iconic bag is from the “Moschino” Barbie by Jeremy Scott. Tights are from Mattel.


Then I moved on to something completely different, quite unexpected… And I love the results!



The Fashion Insider. Photos by me. All Rights Reserved.


The right outfit works magic on a doll. Now she looks the perfect mature city girl, a fashion insider and industry pro on her way to Casual Friday at the fashion brand she works for. She even has that Cumberbatch look in her eyes…


GIF by rainrivermusic on deviantart. 


I’m actually proud of this redressing. It shows that there’s more to her than I thought I’d find at first, gives her a new depth and such a subtle elegance without necessarily making her look much older. Coat is from “Minimalist” Dasha by IT, sequined crop top is from our “Adenium Obesum” ouftit (available on demand), culottes are from “Lady Stardust” Tulabelle by IT, backpack from Moschino Barbie doll and shoes are from “Power House” Ayumi by IT.


The last redressing brings her fairytale side out like none of the others actually did.


The Trapped Fairy. Photos by me. All Rights Reserved.


Again she doesn’t disappoint. Her “deer in the headlights” look on the close up gives her an ethereal feel, as if she was some magical being just out of a portal, afraid that the camera might actually trap her soul. It’s boho, but not just boho. The oversized jacket, our prototype for the “Queen of the Golden Woods” jacket (sold out) shakes things up and gives the look a more urban spin. Makes a fairy in disguise out of her. The dress is part of a Commission we are currently working on for a dear friend and customer. Like it? Let us know! We can make you something special too!


Summing up kind_pegasus: She is more versatile than I expected, and her face paint is perfect. That is what I love the most about her. She looks lovely, but she has depth. She just needs the right redressing to totally transform into another doll in front of the camera. I love that about her. From her outfit, I love the kimono and the flower crown, I like her boots and her jewelry although they aren’t necessarily original. The lowest points were the broken necklace, the top and the shorts. But all in all, she has more ups than downs for me, and I’m very happy to have her. I still have to give her a name. But while I think about it I’ll leave you with my favorite picture of the whole bunch. Can you imagine wings coming out from under her skin? So can I.





Getting ready to fly. Photo by me. All Rights Reserved.



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