IT W Club 2017 – Director’s Cut – IT Re-edits the greatest set of the Twins ever… And makes it better!

This week started with sizzling news for W Club members! Yesterday we’ve all received the email we’ve been expecting since last December. “Trouble” Eden’s lottery has officially begun and members have until Friday to join, and once the lottery is called, the winners have until March 27th to pay for their prize.

That’s already great news for everyone, right? But the W Club is full of surprises this year, so since yesterday we all know that Eden didn’t come alone. Oh no! She brought us none other than her infamous “evil” twin in tow! That’s right! Lilith has just joined the Reckless Collection, closing it with a bang! Unlike Eden, who will be sold in a lottery system, Lilith is available for each and every W Club member to pre-order. She is not one of the W Club exclusives though. She’s a special offer for members based on the huge feedback they have received about Eden. The deadline for members to pre-order Lilith ends on Wednesday. Shall we take a good look at her?



Item # 82074A
Smoke & Mirrors
Lilith™ Dressed Doll
The NU. Face™ Collection
Approximate Ship Date: Late Summer 2017
Limited Edition Size: TBD (Edition size will be based on total amount of pre-orders.)
Suggested Retail Price: $140.00
Doll Tech Specs:
Head Sculpt: Lilith
Body Type: NU. Face 2.0 (With Waist Joint)
Skintone: Cream
Hair Color: Smoky Silver
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied
Quickswitch: No
2016 17 Nu Face Collection Smoke And Mirrors Lilith 01
Photo by Integrity Toys Inc. All Rights Reserved.
When Lilith heard that her twin sister Eden was becoming the hot ticket in school, she couldn’t get past it, she too wanted in on the action! So, of course, she emulated her twin’s fiery look by putting her own spin on it. For her, it’s just a game of Smoke & Mirrors!
Lilith is a 12.5-inch fully articulated doll features fully rooted hair and comes dressed in a custom made layered skirt, with  laser cut “faux-charred” effect at the hem, a faux-leather jacket (the jacket is a deep charcoal color, it’s a little lighter than Eden’s jacket, which is solid black), a quilted backpack purse, chunky gunmetal heels, black thigh-high socks, black leather cut-off gloves, a jewelry set, a doll stand and a certificate of authenticity. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only.
2016 17 Nu Face Collection Smoke And Mirrors Lilith 02
Photo by Integrity Toys Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Lilith is a gorgeous doll. Now, I’m glad in my “Up All Night Lilith” Review I didn’t say something like: “She’s the best Lilith EVER”, because I would hate to have to correct myself in such a short time. This Lilith is a fierce girl. I had already fallen in love with her twin since December, but she stole my heart the minute I saw her! Her make up is gorgeous and very well done (which is a characteristic from the “Reckless” collection that I hope will spread to all the other lines), her silver hair is so unique, and the outfit is great, though I’d have preferred it to be different from her sister’s and not just the same outfit with different colors. But I called this post Director’s Cut, and I said IT had re-edited the best set of twins ever, right? This is what I’m referring to, dear reader:

2017 Nu face Twins Collage Collage
All Photos by Integrity Toys Inc. All Rights Reserved.

They are, from left to right: “Great Pretender” Lilith from the 2010 “The Foundation” Collection, our brand new “Smoke and Mirrors” Lilith, her twin “Trouble” Eden and the iconic “Style Mantra” Eden from the 2009 “On The Fringe” Collection. There’s no doubt that “Style Mantra” Eden is the most sought after Eden of all. She was the second Eden to be released, right after the “Elements Of Surprise” giftset offered at “The Heist” Convention back in 2008. Although “Great Pretender” Lilith only came one year after, she is the second Lilith to be released, which makes them a set of sorts for many collectors. And speaking of coveted, it’s been years since the last time I’ve seen a “Great Pretender” Lilith for sale. That says a lot about a doll.

Now, since December, many people pointed out that “Trouble” and “Style Mantra” are quite similar. Well, I see the same sort of similarity between “Great Pretender” and “Smoke and Mirror” Liliths. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

2017 Nu Face Close Ups Collage
Photos by Integrity Toys Inc. All Rights Reserved.

In my honest opinion, “Smoke And Mirrors” is even closer to “Great Pretender” than “Trouble” is to “Style Mantra”. They don’t have just the hair color in common.  Actually, though both have platinum hair, it’s not the same shade of platinum and not the same haircut either. But they are both green-eyed, and both have pink eye-shadow and pink lipstick, although “Smoke and Mirrors”‘s lipstick is much, much darker. Their eyebrow color and curve is also similar. That’s why I think that the “Reckless” twins are a “Director’s Cut” version of the 2009/10 twins. Jessy Ayala put his own spin in the most coveted pair of Twins since their first release, and he rocked it! I’m in love with both of them!

So, summing up:

The Best of “Smoke And Mirrors” Lilith:

Excellent Make up and hair.

Being a darker “Great Pretender” Lilith

Matching “Trouble” Eden’s beauty and still having her own individual appeal.

Extra points for the “Imagine Dragons” song reference!

The “Not so great” of “Smoke and Mirrors” Lilith:

The outfit. Period.

The fact that it’s the exact same as Eden’s is a real turn off for me. But being the only turn off, it won’t stop me from bringing two of them home. Yes, that’s right. I pre-ordered one and Jo pre-ordered another! Why? Because I want to re-root her! I’ve been wanting an acqua-haired girl for a while, and I think it will look amazing on her! But I wanted to have an original version too, because she’s just gorgeous! So, when they’re released next summer, I’ll be the very happy owner of two “Smoke and Mirrors” Liliths and maybe a “Trouble” Eden too, if I get lucky in the lottery! I really hope I do! I don’t wanna miss these twins!

I hope you’ll like the quick review! I’m off to put packages on the mail!




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