Interview for AtelierNiShasha’s blog – Part 1

We were interviewed! It’s still amazing to think about it. The super talented Shanon Ravacio, from AtelierNiShasha, one of our favorite doll fashion brands in all the world wanted to interview us. We took a while to answer her invitation, but we’ve finally done it. We’ve recorded it and sent her the audio files, and now Part 1 is on her blog! Be sure to check her blog! All her posts are worth a read, and there’s a lot to learn there! Tips about doll and clothing storage, captivating stories about doll collectors, and also more about her creative process. You can find her gorgeous pictures on her Instagram too!

We also love her shop! She has all sorts of beautiful creations for different 12 inch dolls! Have fun, guys! And if you like what you see, feel free to shout it out and share it!