Interview for AtelierNiShasha’s blog – Part 2

Our doll fashion heroíne and kindred spirit Shanon Ravacio, from the amazing Atelier Ni Shasha on Etsy has interviewed us a while ago. Part 2 is now on her blog, and that’s my absolute favorite! We talk about our creative process, and what our Collections mean. It was the funniest part to record, and we hope from the bottom of our hearts you will love it as much as Shanon and we did!

And there’s a lot more to find and learn from her blog. Shanon is a gifted blogger, and she has a true interest in all things dolly, and she brings us collectors together to share tips and stories there. It’s so much fun to read her posts! And if you would like to see more of her creative process and beautiful photos, her Instagram is the right place to go!


Thank you so much for hearing us dear Shanon! It was a pleasure and so much fun! We’re looking forward to interviewing you now!